Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Feeling good

Now that Hunahpu has "dropped" (resting low in the pelvis), everything I do feels a little bit different. I noticed at dance last night, and with some of the exercises at the gym today, that my weight feels lower and my hips are looser. Swimming doesn't feel much different, so I might rely on that more in the coming month. This whole body change continues to amaze me. Also, I've now reached my weight gain goal of 25 pounds, so I'm right on track with that.

I continue to feel really good, for which I am grateful, and my prenatal appointments have remained pleasantly easy and uneventful. We've met all the doctors now, and will continue to cycle through weekly until the birth. At this morning's appointment the doctor noted again how nice and low in the pelvis the head is located, and that the baby is a good size. At this point (37 weeks -- only 3 weeks from the due date) Hunahpu is considered to be at full term. I'd still like several more weeks of pregnancy, please, but it's a relief to have reached this milestone in the baby's development.

In the past week both Max and I have caught ourselves using the word "baby" to refer to Hunahpu. I guess we're both sensing that we're all approaching this transition time fairly soon. How exciting!

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