Thursday, January 28, 2010

Adventures in pre-shopping

It's not worth indulging in a full rant, for I am far too exhausted after a marathon scouting visit to Babies R Us, but I think I can summarize this way: I seem to be sadly lacking in whatever cocktail of hormones is supposed to make all this "cute" stuff remotely appealing. Cartoonish animals that doesn't actually resemble the real animals, even were it not for those dumb grins? Bunnies and duckies and doggies and kitties and sailboats and airplanes and monkeys and horsies in pastel pink or sky blue? Surely you must be joking.

After feeling like a total curmudgeon about my sour responses to all this baby-themed stuff, and wondering if all baby items are inevitably destined to make my stomach turn, I was thrilled to find a glowing exception:

I doubt we'll actually splurge to purchase such expensive items, but at least this crib set can serve as inspiration, and as a reminder that I do actually adore the aesthetics of some baby products after all. I love it!

In the mean time, we're trying to focus on more necessary items, and are counting on friends who have gone through this already to steer us toward what one actually requires. It would be nice to avoid accumulating a bunch of stuff we don't technically need. Except, of course, when it comes to books--I still firmly believe we can't possibly ever have too many good children's books. But that's for another post. :)

3 am at the discotheque?

I seem to be hosting a dance party in my abdomen. Disco, by the feel of it. Has Hunahpu seen Saturday Night Fever?

I'm picturing limbs extending out along the diagonal, John Travolta style, and I'm terribly amused. Let's hope someone remembered to bring the music.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


One of the small challenges of pregnancy has been figuring out how to adapt my usual exercise preferences. I stopped road cycling pretty early on, since I don't particularly trust the combination of crazy city drivers and my changing balance. Lap swimming is now even better than ever, which is great. But what to do about my usual gym classes? I'll admit I was very skeptical that a pregnancy fitness class could measure up to my usual yoga, cardio conditioning, and pilates classes, but as it turns out I could not be more pleased; I adore my prenatal exercise class more than I ever imagined I would! Our teacher Ann is absolutely amazing, and the movements are very much customizable in intensity so I always get a full workout. I get to see a great group of women twice a week, and I'm really going to miss the class when I'm done with this whole pregnancy adventure.

Ellen has also been wonderful at helping me find pregnancy-appropriate yoga poses, since I can't really lie on either my back or my stomach, and the moves that combine twisting while bending are definitely out. Ah, the wonders of adapting to a changing body. I'm so used to my new body now, it's going to be very strange when I don't have the same big round belly anymore. On the other hand, I'll be allowed to lie on my back at that point. And I'll be able to use the sauna again, which I must pass by every time I go back and forth between my locker and the showers. Hey, I'll be able to lie on my back
while in the sauna!!! What a glorious treat that will be. :)

I know my fitness level hasn't increased during pregnancy, but I think I'm doing pretty well at maintaining a good level. At least I'm continuing to earn my showers!

Monday, January 18, 2010


To the right we have three important links (so far) for me to point out.

Since so many people ask about a registry we have set one up at Babies R Us so that folks who wish to help out can do so online or in a physical store location. Please do not feel obligated to go and make a purchase. We love having your support and best wishes.

There are also two baby pools, each slightly different in style and scoring. One allows for some wagering of greenbacks, one is for fun and will have a mystery prize to the closest guess. Expected due date is approximately April 14, plus or minus two weeks they say.

So there you have it, folks. Internets!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


We hope to use this space to keep you all up to date on the latest growth, pictures, and updates. Circulate freely to family as appropriate.

Some posts are backdated to correspond to their occurrence, so make sure you take a look into the archives.

Coming Soon: Dad Tips!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The color, not the fruit

I just took the Glucose Challenge (sounds fun, right?), which is a standard test they give around the 27th week of pregnancy to check for gestational diabetes.  This is the nastiest test I've had to do so far.  I needed to drink a bottle of super-sweet "orange drink" syrup (and I mean orange as in the color, not as in the fruit flavor), then wait an hour before they drew blood to test my glucose levels.  Luckily my blood results were "beautiful" because otherwise they would have made me chug more of the stuff for additional testing.  Phew, done with that!