Thursday, January 28, 2010

Adventures in pre-shopping

It's not worth indulging in a full rant, for I am far too exhausted after a marathon scouting visit to Babies R Us, but I think I can summarize this way: I seem to be sadly lacking in whatever cocktail of hormones is supposed to make all this "cute" stuff remotely appealing. Cartoonish animals that doesn't actually resemble the real animals, even were it not for those dumb grins? Bunnies and duckies and doggies and kitties and sailboats and airplanes and monkeys and horsies in pastel pink or sky blue? Surely you must be joking.

After feeling like a total curmudgeon about my sour responses to all this baby-themed stuff, and wondering if all baby items are inevitably destined to make my stomach turn, I was thrilled to find a glowing exception:

I doubt we'll actually splurge to purchase such expensive items, but at least this crib set can serve as inspiration, and as a reminder that I do actually adore the aesthetics of some baby products after all. I love it!

In the mean time, we're trying to focus on more necessary items, and are counting on friends who have gone through this already to steer us toward what one actually requires. It would be nice to avoid accumulating a bunch of stuff we don't technically need. Except, of course, when it comes to books--I still firmly believe we can't possibly ever have too many good children's books. But that's for another post. :)


  1. BORROW STUFF! And use freecycle or a local equivalent to get kid stuff free. You can also do well with thrift shops and garage sales. I understand buying car seats and cribs new to be sure about safety, but there are zillions of good-quality kid items out there that you can get for free or really cheaply. Email me if you want me to continue trying to convince you - I can send a long list of children's items I've acquired for free. This is good for the environment and your wallet.

    Oh, and I'm not anywhere near you geographically, but I'd be happy to lend you some baby stuff if you can figure out how to get it back and (eventually) forth, including clothes, Bjorn (front carrier), sling, nursing pillow.

  2. Have you seen Jen's nursery?
    Your tastes seem to be similar and it might give you some inspiration. :)

  3. This has been tremendously helpful. I've done well with craigslist, freecycle, and friends who have been kind enough to loan or pass along some of their unneeded items. Thanks to all!