Wednesday, January 20, 2010


One of the small challenges of pregnancy has been figuring out how to adapt my usual exercise preferences. I stopped road cycling pretty early on, since I don't particularly trust the combination of crazy city drivers and my changing balance. Lap swimming is now even better than ever, which is great. But what to do about my usual gym classes? I'll admit I was very skeptical that a pregnancy fitness class could measure up to my usual yoga, cardio conditioning, and pilates classes, but as it turns out I could not be more pleased; I adore my prenatal exercise class more than I ever imagined I would! Our teacher Ann is absolutely amazing, and the movements are very much customizable in intensity so I always get a full workout. I get to see a great group of women twice a week, and I'm really going to miss the class when I'm done with this whole pregnancy adventure.

Ellen has also been wonderful at helping me find pregnancy-appropriate yoga poses, since I can't really lie on either my back or my stomach, and the moves that combine twisting while bending are definitely out. Ah, the wonders of adapting to a changing body. I'm so used to my new body now, it's going to be very strange when I don't have the same big round belly anymore. On the other hand, I'll be allowed to lie on my back at that point. And I'll be able to use the sauna again, which I must pass by every time I go back and forth between my locker and the showers. Hey, I'll be able to lie on my back
while in the sauna!!! What a glorious treat that will be. :)

I know my fitness level hasn't increased during pregnancy, but I think I'm doing pretty well at maintaining a good level. At least I'm continuing to earn my showers!

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