Saturday, May 1, 2010

Those Feet

This little dude has such an amazing body. He came out a little small, and we worked hard to get the weight on and keep him happily growing. Since his itinerary these days is eat, poop, sleep, repeat, I think it's going well.

Most pictures show his head and face, and those changed a lot during that first week especially. Head shapes, nose formation, eyes opening, cheeks filling in. With all that swaddling though, you don't get enough chances to see the amazing and extended feet that this man is packing.

Some say he will become a swimmer, but I'm holding out for martial arts myself, as karate, judo and aikido practice have meant a lot to me throughout my life thus far. He definitely uses his arms a legs a lot, though it can be haphazard and random. Looks like work on the front kick is coming along nicely I'd say.

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  1. May I say, there is NO reason he can't be *both* a martial artist and a swimmer. ;-D