Monday, February 22, 2010

Our First Donation!

Hugs thanks to Nathan & Beth for giving us two big bags of baby clothes, and to Belina for transportation!

Going through these clothes is fun for so many reasons.

I get to hear Lynn experience many changes in vocal pitch as she discovers new treasures, some of which induce cute little moans or mock fashion shows. Keep in mind, this is newborn clothing. Too small for this lady.

We're also discovering that we really like bright colors like orange in addition to the simple whites and greens that we already gravitate towards.

Any clothing with polka dots or stripes automatically gets bonus points, especially if it includes green.

Did you realize how cute tiny clothing can be, no matter its esthetic appeal? This stuff is so small! Miniscule! And they mark it not by pounds or inches but by the number of months. Starting at 0.

In conclusion: little onesies with stripes are awesome.

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