Sunday, February 14, 2010

Skysocks and Footstars

We've been practicing ASL (American Sign Language), particularly signs that might be useful with babies and toddlers, because of the potential communication benefits (imagine having a kid able to sign "more" "diaper" or "milk" before he or she can communicate as much with spoken words). Plus, it's fun! I studied ASL a while ago, and Max has been picking it up quickly with a book on baby sign language and with an iPhone application that has a video dictionary. We've been trying to use signs in our regular conversations with each other, integrating new signs as we learn them. The latest humorous result was when Max learned the sign for "socks," leading me to proclaim "foot stars!?" because the sign for socks looks quite a bit like a downward-pointing version of the sign for "stars." We now refer to socks as "footstars," and to stars as "skysocks." :)

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