Monday, April 19, 2010

Aforementioned Felines

Neither of us was really sure what to expect from the felines when we came home from the hospital with our new roommate. Twombly always investigates new guests, and tends to be protective of people. Reinhardt is very snuggly and loves physical affection.

During labor they stuck true to character:
Twombly lay napping in the sun, but nearby
Reinhardt wanted to take care of Momma, since she was having a bit of discomfort. When labor moved downstairs, she found her spot to help out
Lynn was able to cuddle with her while I applied pressure to her lower back, and it all worked out pretty well.

Now that we're home with Hunahpu they have been wonderful. While formerly they spent all their time upstairs (where we kept our desks and would sleep) now they are downstairs with us all the time, in the chairs, on the bed or just flopped on the floor. Reinhardt frequently gets into bed to snuggle, and Twombly stands guard (when he's awake).

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