Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Conditions were perfect. The weather outside was great today... conditions were perfect.

We had a great pediatrician visit, and Hunahpu has gained a lot of weight, along with his very frequent food inputs and outputs. I might have to rig up some system to weigh him at home just to get more fun stats on his growth.

On our walk back we got to enjoy a burrito from the cart, something missing from our routine for a while. After all three of us had a long nap, to continue to enjoy the pretty day, we walked around a bit outside to test out the Moby Wrap.
Important to stop and smell the lilacs.

I gave it a test drive yesterday, just to get used to the system around the house. It's excellent in freeing up hands, keeping very close to the little one, and handling a wide range of infants.

We're really happy with this carrier, and look forward to using it more as we go on more outings together.

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