Saturday, April 24, 2010

Daddy's Hands

'Twas the night before labor, when all through the house 
Came a call from downstairs, Max needed his spouse; 
Clean dishes were stacked in the dryer with care, 
One glass remained, with a crack fine as hair;
As Max got to washing, Lynn heard a loud yelp,
He called upstairs to her, he needed some help;
Two band-aids and gauze, tied in a knot
Stopped up the gash Max's finger had got.
A hospital trip would have been too ironic

But pressure and ice proved to be just the tonic.
Max felt pretty silly, he had to confess it
Between the contractions the nurse would redress it.

Then two weeks later, our food stores were low
So Max went out shopping, lest greens they forgo.
He packed up his bags and went to the car
He started to drive but he did not get far.
The wheels were making a terrible sound
When he took a look, a blowout he found.
A flat was not something that he'd had to fix
So Lynn and the baby entered the mix.
Working together they put on the spare
Lucky to have all the needed hardware.
Now that his hands had healed the scar
They ended up covered in dirt from the car.

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