Friday, April 16, 2010

Useful apps

I have an iPhone, which I enjoy a lot, and I've been tickled and gratified to find new uses for it during pregnancy and childbirth.

After an offhand comment by our excellent childbirth class instructor Ann Cowlin, I went home and searched for contraction timing apps, finding at least six that looked good. We ended up using Labor and Contraction Timer (Free) at home for about 13 hours, and its simplicity and clarity made processing that data smooth and easy. I am happy to have had that help with timing, and recommend something like it for anyone near labor.

Then, once there is a baby, you've got lots to keep track of. Nurses at the hospital are emphatic about recording bowel movements, wet diapers, nursing and sometimes even sleeping. If you experience as much sleep deprivation as we did, that can be a lot to remember, so I used BabyBix (site and app) to help track it. Also easy to use, and allows mom, dad and helpers to all centralize data so we have it handy to report during pediatrics visits or just amusing stats (see future post about poop).

And now, a cute picture:

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