Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Team Awesome

Before I post about anything else, I really want to give a huge shoutout to my labor support team, who were absolutely indispensable in helping me have an amazing birth experience. Max, Max's mom Ellen, and our doula Meg worked together as a fantastic team. I am tremendously grateful for their positive spirit and strong hands, and am amazed by their energy and endurance!

For friends who might at some point be thinking about a childbirth plan, let me heartily endorse considering a doula. I had a wonderful experience, and would highly recommend it. My feeling is that it's worth having as many people with you as you can trust and feel comfortable with (Yale-New Haven Hospital allows up to three, which I think is a good number). Meg provided informational, emotional, and physical support (including hours of powerful counterpressure back massage that I relied on for relief). For me, having a great labor team made all the difference in navigating a 26+ hour labor with a sense of empowerment and no pain meds.

For more on Meg, see Lucina Doula Services

Future posts to be written:
-baby shower of books, with huge thanks to Kirsten and Kara
-labor and birth story in more detail
-first week reflections
-more pictures of Hunahpu as he grows!

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